I am a multimedia artist who uses glass as my primary medium. I recently received my BA in Art History from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA. I currently live and work in Phoenix, AZ. 

Artist Statement 

As a little girl, my childhood was transient. My mother often moved us from place to place, and people passed in and out of my life at a pace over which I had no control. This instability, the constant flux of people, places, and things, rooted my identity in change. Unsure of whom I was, I became very shy; looking to how other people reacted to me in order to gauge my own personality and place in society. I watched the things that other people did, the things that everyone liked and didn’t like. Why did every girl in my grade school dot their Is with circles instead of one dot, and why don’t I?

From these habits of watching others and self-analysis, I have become intensely interested in common gestures, such as the way our eyes widen in surprise, or how we hug and kiss to express affection. When we are sad we frown, and when we are guarded we cross our arms, and sometimes our legs. Why one or the other? These generalities of human expression act as controls—they are a way for me to develop an understanding of the psychological variance amongst humanity. Much of my work is sculpture, focusing on the human body as something through which we can all relate to. I use a material language where each medium has a specific meaning. Glass with its translucency and dichotic properties represents our intangible thoughts and emotions. Plaster, which is chalky, tactile, and solid stands in for our corporeal bodies, and gold leaf, a traditionally valuable, beautiful and attention-grabbing material, shows perceived and actual worth. Through these material and formal choices, I aim to promote introspection in others through questioning the definition of “self”.